10 skills gained through mentorship

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Employers want employees with the following skills:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Leadership
  • Perseverance
  • Commitment
  • Personal responsibility
  • Maturity/work ethic
  • Knowledge/skills of the profession

Each of these skills can be gained and/or honed in mentoring relationships.

10 skills specifically gained through mentoring

1. Increased confidence

2. Risk-taking behaviors

This one is especially important. Risk-taking is necessary for career advancement. Mentors help mentees gain the courage to take necessary risks.

3. Communication skills

4. Political skills

Every workplace and industry has its political atmosphere. Experienced mentors who have learned to navigate office politics can help mentees navigate them more quickly and efficiently.

5. Skills of the profession

6. Respect for others

7. Setting high personal standards

8. Active listening skills

Experienced professionals love to find younger workers who are coachable. Who listen. To find a young, talented employee hungry and eager to learn from you is lovely, indeed.


If more young people understood this and invited the lessons, they would be amazed at the rewards available for reaping…just by being receptive…by being a sponge ready to soak up the wisdom.

9. Interpersonal skills

10. Professionalism

So what are you waiting for? Seek good mentors so you can increase your skill set…today!