I’m a writer and business professor on the faculty of Lipscomb University’s College of Business in Nashville, Tennessee.

This website includes course content as a resource for students in my classes, but it’s also meant to be a gift to anyone looking for career (or life) inspiration, hope, or direction.

My inspirational/historical fiction novel, Leaving Independence, was released by Waterfall Press in June 2016.

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Recent Events

1. I finished a 2nd book.
Agent Jessie is pitching it to publishers now. All prayers for a good home are welcome (and appreciated). Until it has landed in capable editing hands, all I’ll say is that it focuses primarily on Corrine Baldwyn and James Parker, it’s high action, and I’m proud of it.
I was talking with someone recently about the writing journey and explaining that I’m not in this for fortune or fame, I’m in this to be faithful. The seeds of a few stories have been with me — incupating — a long time. Since they were hearty and didn’t die, I’m convinced I’m supposed to try to get them out there. I don’t want to get too hung up on marketing or worrying about the latest review. I just want to do what I feel called to do. When I exercise my creative juices, I feel closest to God. Creator and created…in sync.
2. I met John Grisham.
So in spite of personally not wanting to get hung up on the sexier side of writing, it was pretty awesome to meet John Grisham. 
After the book signing, he was joined by Jon Meacham and Ann Patchett — oh my! Three powerhouses of writing — for a panel discussion at Parnassus Books in Nashville. For a writer, like going to the World Series!
I am, of course, now greatly depressed. Because it’s over. But also encouraged. Because they’re just people, dripping with talent and the grace to share themselves with us for a few moments.

Older Events

What a privilege to have the following opportunities in 2016! My gratitude to each book club, venue, and reviewer for your kindness in hosting me and/or featuring Leaving Independence.

Parnassus Books

Summer Celebration, Lipscomb University

Featured in the Buffalo River Review

Featured in the Hickman Co. Times

Inspired by Life…and Fictionguest blog June 29

Harpeth Hills Church of Christ

Perry County Library

Aug. 5 edition of chapter 16, Humanities Tennessee newsletter

Sep/Oct edition of Southern Writer’s Magazine

Christian Product Expo

Southern Festival of Books

Women’s National Book Association

Beaman Library

South Cheatham County Library

Chuck Beard of East Side Story hosted me and Sarah Wood, Isaac Horn and Lincoln Mick (my son-in-law) of The Arcadian Wild at East Side Storytellin’. Here’s the podcast with reading/music: https://soundcloud.com/eastsides…/…/east-side-storytellin-96

It’s also been an amazing opportunity to serve as a guest at several book club meetings. To schedule events/meetings email info@leannewsmith.com.


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