3 email mistakes

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Ever struggle with email? I do. Some days I feel like email is a monkey on my back that I just can’t shake. Messages are easy to send these days, and email is the primary medium. So most of us in the workplace receive a boatload of it. It gets tiresome to manage all that […]

Presentation: Delivery

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Want to make better presentations? Here are 10 tips to help you get there. 1. Do everything you can to bolster your personal confidence. Best thing you can do to bolster your confidence is to dress, prepare, and be a professional. 2. Make eye contact. You don’t have to connect with every audience member, but […]

Tips for dealing with change

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Change can be tough. Sometimes we’re ready for it…or think we are…other times it takes us by surprise. Change can be refreshing…exciting. Or change can be unwelcome…terrifying. Only one thing about change is certain: it comes. It comes whether we’re prepared for it or not. Here are a few tips for dealing with change. Expect […]

10 skills gained through mentorship

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Employers want employees with the following skills: Interpersonal skills Leadership Perseverance Commitment Personal responsibility Maturity/work ethic Knowledge/skills of the profession Each of these skills can be gained and/or honed in mentoring relationships. 10 skills specifically gained through mentoring 1. Increased confidence 2. Risk-taking behaviors This one is especially important. Risk-taking is necessary for career advancement. Mentors […]

A Lesson on Reputation

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Reputation matters. It’s a living, breathing thing. It is fully dependent on you, yet…has a life of its own. It can precede you into new territory, and come along after you’ve left the building. In fact, reputation will outlive you. It is something you have little control over, on the one hand, but total control […]

Employers want global mindsets

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Global skills and a global mindset are in demand. What does it mean to have a global mindset? Bloomberg Businessweek: “The New Global Mindset” A global mindset is an expansive way of thinking. It is inclusive. It embraces diversity. It says, “I don’t have all the answers. I can learn from others. I could be better…stronger…more […]

Why emotional intelligence matters

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Emotional intelligence means being self and socially aware. Being self-aware means you are in tune with and can interpret your own emotions. Being self-aware is the beginning of strong interpersonal skills. You have to understand your own emotions…you have to take the time to analyze what you are feeling and be transparent with yourself before you […]

A pearl of wisdom from my mother

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“Ears that hear and eyes that see—the Lord has made them both.” Proverbs 20:12   I sit in a hotel room at this writing, with my back to the sound of the surf, looking up to study four paintings on the wall. This is hotel art, so not da Vinci, but I still admire the […]