Be smarter with your smart phone

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Our phones keep getting smarter. But are we, as their users, keeping pace? Some of us have been steadily growing ever more dependent on these sleek little electronic devices. So here’s a reminder – to you and to myself – smart phones can distract us, they can give us a false sense of self-importance, and […]

Tips for dealing with change

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Change can be tough. Sometimes we’re ready for it…or think we are…other times it takes us by surprise. Change can be refreshing…exciting. Or change can be unwelcome…terrifying. Only one thing about change is certain: it comes. It comes whether we’re prepared for it or not. Here are a few tips for dealing with change. Expect […]

A Lesson on Reputation

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Reputation matters. It’s a living, breathing thing. It is fully dependent on you, yet…has a life of its own. It can precede you into new territory, and come along after you’ve left the building. In fact, reputation will outlive you. It is something you have little control over, on the one hand, but total control […]

Why emotional intelligence matters

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Emotional intelligence means being self and socially aware. Being self-aware means you are in tune with and can interpret your own emotions. Being self-aware is the beginning of strong interpersonal skills. You have to understand your own emotions…you have to take the time to analyze what you are feeling and be transparent with yourself before you […]

Contribution in the workplace

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Are you making a strong contribution in your workplace? Here are three indicators: (1) your attendance, (2) your attitude, and (3) the things your peers say about you. Your attendance record How often do you miss work? How often do you show up late? Or ask to leave early? How often do you blow off […]

Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong

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Ghandi said that. I’ve just finished reading Laurie Coombs’ new book, Letters from My Father’s Murderer: A Journey of Forgiveness, out today (Buy it today: Amazon | Barnes and Noble | ChristianBook | Books-A-Million | Powell’s | Parable.) It was truly inspirational. If you have ever struggled with forgiveness…and who hasn’t…this book will bless you with new insights. Laurie’s father was shot and killed when she […]

Boost your spirits…every day

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Information comes at us fast and furious these days. That’s why I keep a label in Gmail where I send great articles I come across through the week. On Fridays – the day I try to slow down and catch up – I go through the label looking for great articles to share with you […]