3 email mistakes

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Ever struggle with email? I do. Some days I feel like email is a monkey on my back that I just can’t shake.

Messages are easy to send these days, and email is the primary medium. So most of us in the workplace receive a boatload of it. It gets tiresome to manage all that data in that boat day after day.

The three biggest mistakes most people make in sending emails, according to www.emailexcellence.com are these:

  1. Not considering how busy your reader is
  2. Delivering too much (and unnecessary) information
  3. Making the information difficult to read

These are all the same thing. We are all managing too much data, too many emails, and growing ever more weary of sorting through it every day.

So let’s help each other manage the volume. Remember that I’m as busy as you are. Don’t send TMI (too much information). Make the information you do send user-friendly…easy on the eyes and overtaxed brain.

Here’s a longer list of 16 helpful email tips.