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If you want to be a great presenter, work on 3 things: resonancedesign and delivery.

It also helps to study great presentations, like TED Talks.

TED presentations are some of the best in the world.

Carmine Gallo has written an excellent book, Talk Like TED, where he shares 9 insights gleaned from studying effective TED presentations, arranged in 3 categories.


Here's his Table of Contents:


Unleash the Master Within

Master the Art of Storytelling

Have a Conversation


Teach me Something New

Deliver Jaw-Dropping Moments

Lighten Up


Stick to the 18-Minute Rule

Paint a Mental Picture with Multisensory Experiences

Stay in Your Lane

Below are 7 categories where I've shared some of my favorite TED Talks.


Schools kill creativity (Sir Ken Robinson_19:29 min - most watched TED of all time about education - he uses no slides, and tells great stories)

Your elusive creative genius (Elizabeth Gilbert_19:25, author of Eat, Pray, Love)


The secret structure of great talks (Nancy Duarte_18:09, presentation expert and founder of Duarte.com)


The power of vulnerability (Brene Brown_20:16, expert on topics of shame and vulnerability)


Your body language shapes who you are (Amy Cuddy_21:03 min, Harvard, talks about Power Poses)

STAR moments (something they'll always remember)

My stroke of insight (Jill Bolte Taylor_18.:34, neuroscientist who discusses the experience of having a stroke)

Mosquitos, malaria and education (Bill Gates_20:14, releases live mosquitoes into the audience)


We need to talk about an injustice (Bryan Stevenson_23:34, talks about his grandmother, Rosa Parks, and America's justice system)

How great leaders inspire action (Simon Sinek_18:04, author of Leaders Eat Last)


The happy secret to better work (Shawn Achor_12:17, Harvard, talks about psychology of happiness)

The danger of silence (Clint Smith_4:18, schoolteacher and spoken word poet)

Verbal Quality

How to speak so that people want to listen (Julian Treasure_9:55, speaking & listening expert)

5 ways to listen better (Julian Treasure_7:43)


A life of purpose (Rick Warren_20:59, minister who wrote A Purpose-Driven Life)

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