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If you want to be a great presenter,

work on 3 things: resonancedesign and delivery.

It also helps to study great presentations, like TED Talks.

TED presentations are some of the best in the world. Below are 7 categories that include links to some of my favorite TED Talks.


What I learned from going blind in space (Chris Hadfield_18:09) 

Do schools kill creativity? (Sir Ken Robinson_19:29 min. This is the most watched TED of all time about education. Robinson uses no slides, and tells great stories.)

How changing your story can change your life (Lori Gottlieb_16:25)

Your elusive creative genius (Elizabeth Gilbert_19:25, author of Eat, Pray, Love)


The secret structure of great talks (Nancy Duarte_18:09, presentation expert and founder of


The power of vulnerability (Brene Brown_20:16, expert on topics of shame and vulnerability)

Listening to Shame (Brene Brown_20:23)

The Anatomy of Trust (Brene Brown_22:48)

Sleep is your Superpower (Matt Walker_19:18)


Your body language shapes who you are (Amy Cuddy_21:03 min, Harvard, talks about Power Poses)

STAR moments (something they'll always remember)

My stroke of insight (Jill Bolte Taylor_18.:34, neuroscientist who discusses the experience of having a stroke)

Mosquitos, malaria and education (Bill Gates_20:14, releases live mosquitoes into the audience)


We need to talk about an injustice (Bryan Stevenson_23:34, talks about his grandmother, Rosa Parks, and America's justice system)

How great leaders inspire action (Simon Sinek_18:04, author of Leaders Eat Last)

How to build your confidence--and spark it in others (Brittany Packnett_13:30)


10 Ways to have a better conversation (Celeste Headlee_11:20)

The one thing all great teachers do (Nick Furhman, 23:22)

The happy secret to better work (Shawn Achor_12:17, Harvard, talks about psychology of happiness)

The danger of silence (Clint Smith_4:18, schoolteacher and spoken word poet)

Verbal Quality

How to speak so that people want to listen (Julian Treasure_9:55, speaking & listening expert)

5 ways to listen better (Julian Treasure_7:43)


A life of purpose (Rick Warren_20:59, minister who wrote A Purpose-Driven Life)

Additional presentation skills Content




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