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"A story begins with a disruption to the heroine’s daily life—a major disturbance in the balance of things that throws her off her footing and sets her on her rump."

                                       Alone in a Cabin

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I have fond memories of riding to Perry County from Nashville in the back seat of our family car—often tucked onto the back window shelf before seat belts were required by law—listening to my parents talk about the homesteads we passed as we traveled to visit family.


When I moved to Hickman County that neighbors Perry as a young bride, I came to understand how you do know people who live all up and down the winding highways. And like Norman Maclean alluded to in A River Runs Through It, words telling stories lie under the rocks of the rivers, and words are buried in the Tennessee soil.

My goal as an author is to weave a tapestry of stories connected to a common place—by homesteads and intersecting family lines—over time.


Most of these will be in historical settings, but my most recent novel, Alone in a Cabin, takes place in 2016, the year my first book was published.


The year Maggie turned 50 is the year I turned 50. A divorce wasn't my kick-start into writing, but there were other events that had me re-evaluating and finally leaning into the calling I had always felt to write.

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In addition to writing, it is my privilege to teach Business Communication classes at Lipscomb University in Nashville.


God knew I needed some business acumen, so He put me in the College of Business where I get to help students refine their career goals and give them practical advice on how to achieve them.


God has equipped and blessed me through the equipping and blessing of others.

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