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“Rustic cabin. Built in the 1850s. Original fireplace.

New windows. Only 70 miles from Nashville. Perfect writer’s retreat.”

                                                                                           Alone in a Cabin

Available now from these sellers. Audiobook coming soon.

Maggie was alone in the cabin when the snowstorm began,

until a half-frozen man appeared on the doorstep.

On the eve of Maggie Raines’ fiftieth birthday, her husband announces he has gotten his young receptionist pregnant.


Months later, newly-divorced Maggie sees an ad for an 1800s cabin billed as the “perfect writer’s retreat.” For years she has wondered if she has what it takes to be a fiction writer.


Maggie rents the cabin for the week between Christmas and New Year’s hoping the old log walls will inspire a story.


And they do—just not the story she imagines.


A ghost. A body. A lonely small town sheriff.

If Maggie can survive her own story, she might find

her heart’s rhythm again.

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