Mentorship: benefits

When you participate in a mentoring relationship done well, you reap benefits. (The done well is important.)


It’s true that many formal mentoring programs and participants have great intentions and not so stellar follow-through. Mentoring in theory is great! But in reality a mentoring relationship, like all relationships, takes time and cultivating.

A good mentor is hard to find (NY Times)

Here are potential benefits if done well.

Benefits for Mentors

Skills are gained and growth is achieved. Specifically…

1. Enhanced leadership skills (from intentionally leading)

The uber mentor (Peter Drucker) (Inc)

2. Increased emotional intelligence (being self & socially aware, which is critical in leadership positions)


3. Increased job satisfaction (because you’re actively contributing in the growth of another)


Friend for Life, People magazine article highlighting an unusual mentoring relationship


4. Increased confidence (in the affirmation that you have value to give)


5. Knowledge is gained (because protégés can be pretty dang smart, themselves)


Benefits for Protégés


Skills are gained and growth is achieved. Specifically…


1. Professional growth can be considerably enhanced (because you listened to the sage advice of someone who’s been there…and did that)


Did you know people with mentors make more money (Under 30 CEO)


2. Goal-setting becomes easier, more realistic, and obtainable than when working independently (because you’re learning from someone else’s mistakes without having to go through the painful lessons yourself…the long and hard way)


3. Greater insight into company culture (every company has one; if they’ve been there longer, they can help you navigate the political waters faster)


Six reasons mentors tell 'failure' stories (Regi Campbell)


4. Ability to navigate political relationships (see #3)


5. Confidence is gained (along with maturity…we should hope, as this is the point of it all)

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