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A fog. A switch. A book release.

To begin with, there was fog... dawn broke a few Fridays ago.

This fog seemed symbolic of the year, as I have struggled to feel the creative juices of my artistry. Like rowing vessels tossed by unpredictable waters, Iand you, I suspecthave ridden the waves and tried not to capsize.

But then the fog lifted. Which I personally took as a hope omen.

And a mysterious switch.

People talk of writer's block, but for me it's a switch. The switch is up (on), or the switch is down (off). All is satisfying, complete, hopeful and rightthe world is a rich tapestry and I get to sit at the weaving loomor I am barred from the magic.

In 2020 my switch went down and I've had a hard time flipping it on again.

Even so...a book release.

"Even so." Brave words, indeed.

Though I may have floundered through the past year, a lot of "even so" has been lived out all around me. Each day people choose to do the hard, brave things.

Like Maggie.

Maggie Raines is so angry with her husband, Tom, that she could reach across the sofa and pin him to the floor. Tom is going to be a father again...with his twenty-six-year-old receptionist.

When Maggie rents a cabin for the week between Christmas and New Year's to regain her footing and find a clear path forward as a writer, she hopes the old logs of the ancient structure will give her a story.

And they do...just not in the way Maggie imagines.

If life has ever handed you a series of unexpected twists then you might relate to Maggie. (I certainly do!)

Alone in a Cabin is COMING SOON. I'm looking for a few advance readers to receive a free electronic copy who are willing to write an honest review by the end of June. If you are interested in being an advance reader, let me know at

In other exciting news Leaving Independence is on sale on Amazon through the end of May; $0.99 on Kindle and $9.99 in paperback. Stock up on gifts! Did you know you can gift an ebook to someone if you know the email address they use for Kindle? True.

May your fog stay at bay and your switch stay up. And may we all keep moving forward...even so.

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1 Comment

May 31, 2021

Would love a audio version of James and Corrines story! Told by James, Teddy Hamilton would be a perfect James!!!

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