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Latest podcast episode: turning coffee into water

My latest podcast episode, with Rob Touchstone of The Well Coffeehouses, released this week, and a conversation with Rob is always worth a listen.

As a boy Rob Touchstone lived near a golf course. He would gather balls hit far off the green, clean them up, and sell them back to the golfers. When he paired free lemonade as part of the offer, it was an aha moment in the generosity of patrons for a cause. Years later, Rob envisioned a different kind of coffeehouse, one with a bold vision to make a difference in both local and global communities.


Fast forward to the present day. Since opening in 2012, The Well Coffeehouses have donated over $250,000 and impacted over 50 communities and nearly 30,000 people with clean water, health, and dignity. Driven by their purpose to love coffee, but to love people even more, The Well prioritizes safe water in the countries from which they source their coffee, focusing on sustainable solutions to poverty, turning profits into hope.

It's a beautiful cycle and a beautiful business model, what we call Business as Mission in the Lipscomb College of Business. Rob currently directs Lipscomb University’s Center for Vocational Discovery, while continuing to preach and co-own The Well.

Rob’s deep gladness truly has intersected with the world’s deep hunger—and thirst—in more ways than one. Come join us as we talk about insights he has gained on his unique vocational journey:

Currently, I'm in the middle of a great spring semester of Business Communication and Business Values classes, and a 3rd season of recording new episodes for Gladness & Hunger. This week, however, I'm headed to Arizona for a conference and a look at the Grand Canyon.

I hope to have some new writing developments to report soon. Until then...blessings to you.


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