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a story within a story

My latest book, Alone in a Cabin, is a story within a story. In the spirit of this contemporary romantic suspense about a woman who discovers what it means to be a writer, today I offer you a story within a story here—my own story within my story as a writer.

Happy reading.

A woman…

All my life I’ve heard the story of my birth. How my father rode to his midnight shift with a co-worker. How thick frost formed on the windshield. How my mother had to wake a neighbor in the night to keep my brother. How my father wanted to take a bath when he finally got home, and how Mom didn’t protest but suspected I was coming fast. How my father checked her in at the front desk—the sky still black in the pre-lit dawn—then went to park the car. And as he came off the elevator, he heard my cries.

…fighting imposter syndrome…

November 29 is the birthday of Louisa May Alcott, Madeline L’Engle, C.S. Lewis, and me.

As a writer, I cling more tightly to this fun fact than perhaps I should. As if there is a club and through God’s grace only—perhaps knowing I would suffer from a bad case of imposter syndrome—He decided to plant me this seed of encouragement.

See…these other folks had the same gift I’m gifting to you, Leanne.

…and other life setbacks…

Writing is like standing naked on the high dive. A co-worker told me that once, and while I’ve never actually stood naked on a high dive for comparative purposes, it feels apt.

So there’s that to overcome…plus the curveballs. The challenge is to keep moving through the setbacks and pen what I’ve learned into a tale of hope and encouragement for others.

…who loves home and family…

My birthday is 13 days after my mother’s, and 13 days before my oldest daughter’s. And Stan’s birthday is 5 days before mine. I was born on my cousin Diane’s 10th birthday and born the day before my cousin Kalinde. I share a birthday with my hairstylist, Liz, and November as a birthday month with a host of cousins, aunts, uncles and friends.

This time of year, my calendar dotted with names, I am reminded of the blessing of people and the homes that house them—the homes where laughter, tears, and meals are shared.

Home and family are strong themes running through my novels.

Thanksgiving bread with herb butter. As delicious as it looked, made by our daughter Shelby Mick.

…and who wants to fan the flames of others’ hope…

I love the holidays. Not for materialistic reasons, but because I’m dreamy by nature. I love to give presents. I want everyone to have all of what they need, some of what they want, and to soak up the more plentiful than average hopefulness that hangs in the air this time of year.

…offers a story to readers.

Know anyone who needs a story of hope? Consider gifting them with a copy of Alone in a Cabin. Order early to avoid shipping delays.

Share on your socials so others can gift it, too. Makes a great stocking stuffer!

What readers are saying

“a brilliant read” reader from the UK

“beautifully written”

reader from Canada

“a much needed story of imperfect love”


“one of the best books I’ve read in a long time”


“will keep you guessing”


“Wow. I didn’t want to put this book down.”


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