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An old friend, A new friend, A circling-back-around friend

During the pandemic, there were times I asked myself, “Did I used to have friends?” Of course, the answer was yes. A plethora. But you know what I mean…right? The isolation went on. And friend dates were few in number.

But today I was triply blessed in a trend reversal.

A Zoom call at 10:00, work-related, put me on screen with a familiar face from high school. Kathy. Lovely as all the times she represented our class in the homecoming court. Back in the day.

Coffee with Becca at 10:45 wasn’t about the coffee, but about making a new friend. We skipped the order line, in fact, and went straight to the outdoor seating. Good thing we got to it, because an hour still wasn’t enough time.

Then it was noon and I was meeting Selene, a former work colleague. We had run into each other at Trader Joe’s a couple weeks back, and now we were catching up…from the last couple of years…since the last time we met to cover a couple of years.

I hope each of you are easing back into your own friendships—the old ones, the new ones, and the circling-back-around ones. Friends of all stripes are treasures.

Leaving Independence $0.99 through the end of October

It’s a great time to gift an e-book copy of LI to a friend...any friend and all friends. It’s affordable, and they won’t have to wait on printing or shipping.

Book Event this Thursday

Thursday, October 7, from 3:30-4:30 in the Ezell lobby, the Lipscomb College of Bible & Ministry is hosting a faculty author reception. Ten faculty authors who have had books released in the past year will be in attendance, including me. So if you’re in Nashville and want to stop by, we’d love to have you.

You can purchase books, have them signed, enter a drawing for a free book, and enjoy refreshments.

Featured books include:

Hannah Stolze, Wisdom-Based Business: Applying Biblical Principles and Evidence-Based Research for a Purposeful and Profitable Business

Lee Camp, Scandalous Witness: A Little Political Manifesto for Christians

Joshua Strahan, The Basics of Christian Belief: Bible, Theology, and Life's Big Questions

Leanne Smith, Alone in a Cabin

Holly Allen, Forming Resilient Children: The Role of Spiritual Formation for Healthy Development

Scott Sager, Jesus in Isolation: Lazarus, Viruses, and Us

John Mark Hicks, Women Serving God: My Journey in Understanding Their Story in the Bible

Caleb Clanton & Richard Goode, Great Ideas in History, Politics, and Philosophy

J. P. Conway, Broken But Beautiful: Why Church Is Still Worth It

As you can see, all these other books are highly academic and mine is probably the only one with swear words. It is only by the grace of the CBM that my fiction novel is included.

Amazon is currently offering the e-book for Cabin at a discounted $2.99. So you can get a bundle of LI and Cabin for any old, new, or circling-back-around friends for under $4...what a bargain!

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