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If you're local, I hope to see some of you at The Well Coffeehouse, Green Hills today between 3:00-4:30 p.m. No speech, just a come-and-go book signing. If you've already purchased a copy of Alone in a Cabin...first of all, thank you...bring it if you want it signed. There will also be copies (of Cabin and my other books) available for purchase.


Today's book signing location is meaningful for three reasons.

1. I love The Well Coffeehouse's mission. It's my privilege to teach with Rob Touchstone, whose head the idea for The Well was birthed in while he took a course with Earl Lavender. I have so much respect for each of these men, and feel blessed to get to teach at the same university with them...where so many wonderful ideas have been, and will continue to be, birthed.

2. Today's book signing marks my third event at a Well Coffeehouse--one per book! Since they have five stores now, I guess I'll have to write two more books to keep this trend going.

3. Lastly, I love that just across the street from the Granny White location is a historic cabin, one that looks remarkably like the one on my book cover.

Since the book has come out, it has been incredible to learn that we had more choices on cabins than we realized. I have been amazed at how many of my readers have told me that they actually live in a cabin, have a vacation cabin, or have recently stayed in a cabin. Who knew??? Even in my own extended family. I hope to feature a few of these cabins in future blog posts, starting with my cousin Jon and his wife BeLinda's home.

Until then...happy reading!

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