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Release day prayer

Many ask if releasing a book feels like having a baby. And it does, in many ways. You have the same kinds of hopes the new creation will meet its full potential, prove a source of light to others, and that you've done it more good than harm in the hand you had in its development.

But where I felt more privately naked (terrified, vulnerable) of the new role I was taking on with physical motherhood, I feel more publicly naked as a writer.

My two daughters, thankfully, have an amazing father. He's often proved the better half in our particular parenting duo--he's slower to speak and more thoughtful in his decision-making. Me...I'm ruled by heart rather than logic. Stan is my grounding force. Without him I would float adrift, financially and otherwise.

In addition to Stan, our daughters had a whole tribe of good influences to counter my folly. They have matured into the capable, beautiful-inside-and-out women that they each are in large part due to the extended cloud of witnesses that surrounded them: grandparents, neighbors, mentors and friends.

A book is no solo effort, either. The Rolodex in my mind that I pull each character, plot twist and dialog snippet from got in there somehow. And editors, an agent, writing friends and close family who put up with my tears as I wrestle not just with the story, but myself, each plays a critical part in keeping me on track and moving forward.

Still...any egg that ends up on a face will end up on mine. That's a sobering reality.

In the quest to steady my knocking knees, a lot of prayer is needed. I'm sharing the five points of my release day prayer with you today and invite you to join me in it, if you're so inclined.

May God grant me...

1. peace, in setting this story upon the waters 2. gratitude, for the opportunity to partner with Him in the creative process 3. fortitude, to be gracious in the face of any criticisms or low reviews that are bound to come 4. balance, in focusing on what's truly important 5. productivity, as I work on future projects

Thank you for being part of a community that fills me with hope and appreciation!

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