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Thanks, A visit, Reviews & Praise

A huge thanks to everyone who came out to The Well Coffeehouse, Green Hills a couple of weeks ago for the book signing. Per my usual absent-minded author/professor persona, I took "0" pictures at this event. But that made it no less lovely : )

A visit to my cousin's cabin

At the end of July I had the opportunity to visit my cousin, Jon's, and his wife, BeLinda's, cabin, complete with goats and a horse named Sassy. This farm needs to be a children's book!

That's me giving Honey a bottle. And my mom, Joan, sitting with her sister, Wanda—Jon's mother and my aunt—who was back in Tennessee after a longer-than-expected pandemic furlough in Italy.

There is something special about a log cabin, something solid and anchoring that whispers of simpler times. As BeLinda pointed need to paint the walls! This is a perk I'd not really considered before.

Review News

I have two fellow authors to thank for their kind reviews of Alone in a Cabin: Patricia Bradley and Delores Topliff. Read Patricia's review here, and Delores's here. Each of these ladies are authors of note that I've had the privilege to meet at past writer's conferences. I'm so grateful to each of them for their kind affirmations.

Kirkus and BookLife had this to say:

"An engaging mix of bucolic mystery and the enigmas of the writing life." — Kirkus Reviews

"Smith's prose is engaging, cleverly interspersing interesting plot devices that add to the otherworldliness of the story." The BookLife Prize

A reader in the UK said, "This is a brilliant read."

Another said, "This book!!!!" (four exclamation points)

And another said, "So good. The end." Don't you love the punch of brevity?

If you read Alone in a Cabin, please consider posting your review, long or brief. Each posted review helps keep the excitement going and helps new readers decide whether they'd enjoy reading it also.

A friend's book release

Lastly, I had the recent pleasure to preview a book written by another writer friend, Janet Morris Grimes, and it was lovely indeed. Solomon's Porch is a heartwarming tale that weaves several storylines together in a powerful way in the end. If you enjoy contemporary Christian fiction, consider Solomon's Porch.

Until next time...

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