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The Airbnb ad got her attention

Rustic Cabin.

Built in the 1850s. Original fireplace. New windows. Only 70 miles from Nashville. Perfect writer’s retreat.

I am excited to share this one with you: the story of Maggie Raines, a woman facing uncertainty and reaching for courage to overcome fear.

My prayer is that it proves a warm fictional escape, one that leaves you with a sense of hope in facing your own set of life's curveballs. If you're like me, you've had more than a few the past couple of years.

Alone in a Cabin is a contemporary romantic suspense story which is a slight diversion from my other books, but it still has ties to the fictional Marston County.

My writing goal is to create a catalog of stories all connected to this common place, in different time periods with intersecting family lines. Cabin is the hub in the wheel--a book about a writer discovering that stories are all around us, and there is beauty to be found in each of them.

Alone in a Cabin is coming July 6 in hardcover, paperback & ebook with audiobook in production now.

Read more here.

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